Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR) - an online registry of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. 

Funding & Ethics

NHMRC Grants - a summary of the various funding opportunities offered by the National Health and Medical Research Council. With a 2018 NHMRC calendar for due dates for applications.  

Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code) - guides institutions and researchers in responsible research practices and promotes research integrity.  

National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) (the National Statement) - series of guidelines in accordance with the NHMRC Act 1992 (the Act). 

Collaborating & Communicating

Dropbox - a free cloud-based service that lets you share files with other collaborators. 

Zoom - a free video conferencing meeting tool for conducting online meetings with your researchteam. 

Analysing & Visualising

Resources coming soon

Writing & Publishing

Endnote - referencing software. 

Google Scholar - searches for scholarly resources.

CONSORT Statement - an evidence-based, minimum set of recommendations for reporting randomised trials. It offers researchers a standard way of reporting findings from trials. The CONSORT Checklist focuses on reporting how the trial was designed, analysed and interpreted. The CONSORT flow diagram displays the progress of all participants through the trial. 

Cochrane Podcasts - the latest Cochrane evidence in an easy to access audio format. Each podcast offers a short 5-minute summary of the review from the authors themselves. 


BeyondBlue - provides information and support to help people achieve their best possible mental health. Their Doctors’ Mental Health Program focuses on depression and anxiety in medical students and doctors.

Black Dog Institute - a leader in mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Their website provides resources for people with mood disorders and those wanting to help someone else.

Page updated:  9th August, 2017