The cornerstone to a successful career is a balanced and informed approach to all aspects of work and home life. We firmly believe in empowering individuals to make lasting, healthy changes in their own lives. We offer a range of workshops for medical and healthcare professionals, practice staff and aspiring reseachers.  


Mastering Doctor-patient communication

Effective doctor-patient communication is the cornerstone of establishing a meaningful doctor-patient relationship and ultimately the delivery of high-quality patient care. Most patient dissatisfaction and complaints are due to the breakdown of this relationship. Research shows that effective communication between doctor and patient increases patient satisfaction and treatment adherence.   


Learn effective ways to balance your time between work and family. 

Self-care for doctors

Useful tips and strategies to enhance overall wellbeing, improve sleep habits, and combat stress in the areas of personal and work life. 

Tailored workshops

We offer a range of tailored workshops to fit your practice needs, from research and staff training to self-care workshops for professionals. All workshops are delivered by a fully qualified Psychologist, and can be held on the practice premises or via online webinar format.

For more information please contact the Workshops Team at Gold Standard to see how we can work with your practice or hospital –